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Re: Best inductors for RIAA?

i think you will be best avoiding the air-cored inductors for the LCR riaa... the linearity of them is really desirable, but even a value of 45mh would be pretty big, and 1.8hy?? while possible, i think you may be looking at a 10 pound spool of 15 ga wire for starters :-)

like all riaa eq's its best to cut and try, and in this case its a wind and listen situation... i suspect if you really want to get into it, and follow through, you will have the best luck winding your own, or be prepared to pay for lots of different 1.8hy inductors... you cant simply call a winder and spec it and expect the best results... inductance values are very soft numbers... and the riaa requirements may or may not work well when you plug in a soft number...

the two values you state are quite similar to the tango eq-600 numbers... which they publish... if it were as easy as putting all those parts into a can... they wouldn't tell you whats in there... i have seen numerous people try to duplicate this circuit, and one of two things happens... they try it once, and it fails and they proclaim LCR EQ sucks, or they try it once, again it fails, but the see promise and spend another year on it and end up with something brilliant.

sadly very few people fall into the second category...


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