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RE: Why, yes I have. I have actually built a PS300.

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Once you set it up, it is really stable. It runs "deep" class B so changing the output tubes requires nothing. I did not do the extensive graphic equalizer section of the amp.

When I first fired it up, I thought I did something terribly wrong. I got nothing, zilch, out of the speakers at idle. I thought that with 700 volts coursing through the thing, tracking down noise would be an issue. Frustrated, I plugged a guitar in anyway and about deafened myself. Man is that thing was quiet at idle. It is nice having digital photos of old amps, they really bring back the experience of building and owning the piece.

After this amp, it was clear to me that the magic of an amp lies in its driver circuit. Since then I have overbuilt my output stage drivers and never looked back.

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