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What tapes stood the test of time best?

I've bought pretty much most of the mainstream tapes sold out there which includes TDK, Maxell, Fuji, Denon, and Sony. I was listenning to an old Denon HD8 tape bought from the late 80s (87-88) and the current recording on it was from the mid 90s. I usually record my vinyl onto tape to save record wear. I noticed this perticular tape lost some of its high end and in some spots the high end came in and out as if it was partially erased from something. One consumer bought tape (I have almost no tapes prerecorded) from the early 80s (1981 actually) the tape had to be played with Dolby off to keep its high end. That tape had severely aged. I usually have good luck with TDK and Maxell in terms of keeping qualities. I didn't play any Maxells today to see, but ran an old TDK Acoustic Master type 1 tape and it seemed fine. So what tapes have you noticed keep well and which ones didn't? Im wondering if Im going to have to go back to those bad tapes and rerecord the music to keep for some years more (assuming the tape will take the full range still). Shame as I dont have all the source music to do this with.

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