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RE: The Chinese Market

I am of a basic belief in a world of checks and balances. I don't want the guy selling milk to be the guy who checks to make sure the milk is safe.

I think whatever political party you or I belong to can understand the notion of greed. If a guy is selling milk and makes $50,000 a year selling milk decides he can use a wall caulking agent and make $50million and is also responsible for the testing - will suddenly always find the milk to be safe when it is not. Apply this to all industries.

It's called a conflict of interest. So any sane person or society should simply have independent checkers. You have law enforcement or whatever outfit you wish be an agency that makes sure stuff is safe or things such as slot machines in Vegas aren't crooked etc.

Now it is certainly reasonable to say - hey the checking outfit is doing a lousy job and needs to be funded better or better run or both. But you don't chuck it out and let the industry look after themselves. They only look after their bottom line.

I don't exactly get how basic freaking logic has become a political issue. Asbestos is factually toxic. Lead is an unsafe material for bullets that kill bald eagles. But once people get all conspiracy theory on stuff and doubt science and facts there is a problem.

And it applies to BOTH sides by the way. Climate Change is typically denied by every Republican but Liberals are the ones who are typically wrong on GMOs(which are safe) and vaccinations(which are safe). So both sides have their issues. Climate change is a bigger dumber issue because pretty much every solution cleans the air and the water. Those two things alone is worth doing right? Whether one believes in CC - one should still probably want to see the mountains and blue skies instead of grey skies and hacking up a lung 200 days of the year. One would probably like to drink tasty clean water from their tap. I can't believe it's only lefties who like clean air and clean water - when did that become a political thing?

Some of this doesn't really much matter - One thing I like about the US is that States still have some controls over what they do regardless of what is done federally.

Remember I do come from Canada, a country that is basically half capitalist half socialist. Okay maybe 30/70. You can still become a billionaire here so capitalism is alive and well. And I have lived in Wenzhou, China - a city that is so Capitalist that it makes the USA look like Socialist Denmark. The terms get bandied about - freedom, liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, communist etc and they usually get mixed up and blurred.

On any given topic a person could be pretty hard line conservative but then there are Republicans that are for gay marriage and pro-choice. Arlen Specter was a big example.

With the notion of Freedom - I have lived a lot of places in my life and the idea that one is more free or less free when every 4-5 years they get to vote for a two choice proposition both of whom are slaves to hidden financial masters isn't really freedom. If you have a piece of paper that dictates your rights and then the government can come along and trample those egregiously doesn't give you the ability to have the moral high ground. And other countries are watching. Guantanamo Bay is the prime example a created system to "get around" (loophole) the Geneva Convention and the constitution because those things are too inconvenient. Sure I get the need for it - I'm a realist and plenty of people don't play by the rules etc etc, but it does raise the point that all these Western Freedoms only exist until such time as those freedoms become inconvenient.

And while I think 45 is terrible the things that bother me most is hypocrisy. Have a Muslim ban - fine - I get that people are paranoid - and he ran on that and his voters think they will get blown up (even though statistically they will be more likely killed by a piano or lightning). But I get it. I disagree with the ban because I can read statistics - no ban on cars and guns that kill ridiculously more people (intentionally or accidentally). What bothers me is that 45 doesn't ban Muslims from the 5 countries he does business with and the worst terrorist offenders (Saudi Arabia and Turkey are arguably the worst) - but they're allowed in! You see THAT is what bugs me. The ban is bad but that's just a disagreement on policy - no big deal. What irks me and SHOULD irk 45's supporters is that he only does what he says up until the point it will hurt him financially. Blast all the companies that fired US workers who went to China - but then all his and his daughters clothes are made in China.

Cut meals on wheels (a financially piddly amount of money) but spend 10 times that at the golf course visits and extra security for the wife. Is it really necessary to let elderly people starve? Is that even a lefty thing? Wasn't it Reagan who supported Meals on wheels? I mean I just want the old Republicans back. If Joe the Mechanic pays 30% tax and Sally the teacher pays 30% tax then so should the CEO of GM. If the local bike shop owner has to pay 25% tax on revenue then so should Apple. Not Zero.

This isn't politics - it's just basic equality. I mean if 45 doesn't pay any income tax then why do you pay income tax? They want people bickering at each other and calling each other names - divide and concur while they make billions. Unite is right there in your country's name!

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