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RE: Cheap but good 1" horn drivers?

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Pyle Pro PDS221 1" titanium driver, 800Hz-20KHz. These can be found for under $25 at Parts Express and other sources. I use a pair of them mounted to exponential horns. These form part of a system I use for home backyard and family parties. When I decided to put together the system, I looked for drivers that were inexpensive yet rugged and great sounding. I've received a number of compliments on system sound quality, and I think the drivers make an important contribution to that end result. BTW, in addition to 42 years as an audiophile, I was a mobile DJ for 11 years between the 1970s and 1980s. Iíve played everything from small house parties to large indoor and outdoor venues. and have some experience with sound reinforcement.

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