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Re: Great response...one question

I would definitely not rule out the Mini because of SATA. I should have said - given a choice... for instance if you build out a Win box its pretty trivial to add a SATA card in a PCI slot - and these are available for internal (so you can add the drive inside the tower) or external use. The new Mac boxes like my G5 all have SATA innards.

It is not so much a matter of drive failure (its all the same manufacturers) as it is how easily it mounts (shows up on the desktop), how finicky the cabling is etc. After all before SATA there was only Firewire (leaving SCSI out of the discussion because its not relevant.) There are millions and millions out there so don't over think it. Take a look at www.macgurus.com for more SATA info. And www.granitedigital.com for firewire enclosures, premium cables etc

The Mini has Firewire 400 and USB 2.0 So you know, USB 2.0 is a much faster format - actually a bit faster then Firewire 800. However in this application - meaning audio - it is simply not an issue - both will do the job. If you also want to do photos and or video then go the USB 2 route. Either way you can daisy chain multiple drives. So make your best deal on a quiet enclosure and move on. And yes a fan is one key to longevity - though the fanless cases are tempting...

Realistically ripping a large library takes time. Enough time that investing a few hundred dollars to back it up on another hard drive makes sense.

Hope this helps

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