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RE: Sorry, but

It's also pretty clear that Apple pioneered pay per track downloads rather than being forced to buy an entire album.

Not that it matters much to me but Apple dropped 128Kbps AAC ten years ago for 256kbps AAC. Whether we as audiophiles like it or not, 256Kbps AAC sounds pretty darn good for typical Joe Public with earbuds and Apple is under no obligation to cater to a small niche of audiophiles for downloads or streaming.

While it's nice that iOS and possibly iTunes will support FLAC, it's not that newsworthy IMHO because it is so simple to batch convert FLAC to ALAC (with no loss in quality). And some popular music download sites provide ALAC & AIFF downloads along side FLAC.

Yawn, but mention Apple at all and some folks love to go ape shit crazy with hate. ;-)

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