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So, A guy walks into his local car dealership....

and he is checking out a SUV..,

Salesman comes up and say "Can I help you"

Customer says, "Yeah, I'm looking to ge one of these SUVs. This one here has a gas engine in it right? I'm not looking for a deisel."

Saleman says "Yep, got a V6 gas engine in there."

The customer thinks, "great< I got a fiar deal here, lets get it!, and makes the deal for the truck there on the lot. He come back next monday, picks up the SUV and drives her home. Being a curious guy (thinks he knows a thing or two about cars & thier design), the guy pops the hood and takes a look at the engine... he aslo takes a look undearneath the car and grumbles out loud "What the *****?" Turns out the customer's new SUV is a hybird Gas electric vehicle.... you don't have to plug in, and runs and drives just like a regular gas SUV... heck, gets even better gas milage.. "its better" the saleman and company says to the upset customer "look how more efficent it... the way the motors and such work you save on brakes, etc etc."... "No matter", the customer says, "you folks decived me becuase you didn't tell me upfront that I wasn't getting the old fashioned gasoline drivetrain that I originally asked for!"


Moral of the story, while the gas -electric hybrid vehicle may drive, ride, brake, handle just like a old fashioned gasoline engine vehicle, it does not make it one.
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Rich Brkich
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