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Re: I have never meant to make the design to sound like a compromise...

Alan, you are looking too closely or you think I am focusing in on the inner details of the impedance converter circuit. Think about what the amp does at a higher level.... what does the speaker see??? what does the push pull amplifer section of the amp see??

Understanding the details of the circuit is one thing... but you are missing conceptually what the very clever David Berning impedance convertor circuit does. While is does not use conventional output transformer technology (i.e a core of magenetic material wraped with coils, with a primary and secondary winding that has a speaker connected on one end and output tubes on the other side), it essentially emulates what a conventional output transformer does, but in a *much* better manner.

A OTL (in the spirit of the term that is most well understood by audio geeks) has no such impedance converting device between the output tubes and the speakers... i.e. what are more specifically called direct coupled OTLs... the tubes directly drive the load. Thing is though, you will very rarely ever see a audiophile use the term direct coupled OTL becuase is is essentailly assumed by defiention that what he/she means. I think calling other types of amplifer designs OTLs does a diservice to the audiophile public becuase they MAY very well think they are getting/seeing/reading about a direct coupled OTL when they are not.

So, what we are disagreeing here is a matter of a definition which I guess we will just have to agree to disagree on.
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Rich Brkich
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