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I have never meant to make the design to sound like a compromise...

In fact I have admired design for many years ever since it was first written about in Positve Feedback Magazine several years ago and even more so after I had the chance to hear it first hand back in 1998. You wouldn't find a picture of David's Sigfreid SV-811 (see the link below) amp on my website if I didn't think it was something special. As an electrical engineer though, I have a tough time calling something that does not to my experience and education fit the word OTL. When I read through the technical articles, this little voice in the back of my head screams.. "Holy crap!!! He has built the ideal output tranformer! A device that does many of the things that a theoretical ideal output transformer does (I'm speaking in engineering terms here... an theoretical ideal output transformer has no hysteresis, inductance, capacitance etc that limits its bandwidth or cuases any other problems)... and becuase of that, very linear push pull and single ended tubes amp can be made."

BTW, I very much agree that the Berning design topology is a great high end step into the world of tube amps for those who have stuck with high end solid state amps over the years. In many ways it is the ultimate no muss, no fuss tube amp. If I do have criticisms, it has more to do with more pratical things (like the crowded rear panel layout of the ZH-270, the lack of a single input no volume control version, and I would like less gain) which I think would make the amp more universally appealing (though given the backorder situation, I doubt these are a concern! :-) )
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