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Greetings. I'd like to welcome you to the MQ forum.

The MQ forum is designed to provide customer support to existing customers as well as help prospective customers learn about MQ products and how best to use them. The MQ forum will be a great place for DIY'ers and OEM's to communicate with us about what their product needs are or might be. We also encourage DIY'ers to share with us and all MQ fourm visitors your successes in building amps and preamps and etc. Pictures of completed or in-process projects are most welcome.

From our end the forum will surely become a great place for us to tell you about new product ideas, products under development, and to announce and promote our special limited edition audio transformers. The forum will also be the place where we will post any special sales that we might have on overstocked items or discontinued items. We will also endeavour to make the forum rich in information including complete product lists by type of device along with pricing and ordering orptions.

Another feature that I would like to include on the forum is information and guides on how to be a smart "iron" buyer... how to wade through the jumble of technical parameters and how to make sure that when your doing comparisons of technical parameters that you are moreso comparing "apples to apples".... many of you will recall the small series of articles that I did many years ago for Sound Practices along these very same lines. Those articles proved to be very popular and were reprinted in several foreign language audio magazines.

We will also provide support and direct links to our authorized distributors as well as stories, features, and new product announcements by our OEM's.

I am quite excited about having our own little corner of the universe where we can learn from and interact with other hobbyists and interested persons from all corners of the globe. So please visit with us at the new MQ forum and join in a disucussion or feel free to ask questions and etc.

Here is what the board is not... it is not the appropiate forum for super detailed (micro, micro levels of theory) theoretical discussions that don't have or bear upon the real world practical application of audio transformers... remember thsi forum is designed to be a support vehicle for DIY'ers and end users... so we want ot emphasize and focus on the practical and real world application and uses of magnetics.

The MQ public forum is not the best vehicle for checking up on your order status... if you have ordered through an authorized distributor then your inquiry should be sent to them directly (at least initially) and if you have ordered direct from us (MagneQuest) you can always reach me by phone at 215-288-4816 or via email at .

I expect that folks will treat one another with the respect... and patience, and understanding.... Offensive, boorish, trolling and baiting posts will be removed in a heart beat.... this will be a no nonsense policy strictly enforced.

I hope that I've given you some sense of what I envision the board to be and become... please join us and make a contribution of your own or ask a question about the wonderful world of MQ magnetics.

Mike LaFevre

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