Isolation Ward

The religious minded often refer to science dismissively - it's part of the requirement of their faith.

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Dude, you lost.

I bet you are so certain in your faith, you refused to do the experiment that proves you wrong with your own picture.

Now that's some closed mindedness.

Give it go, spend a few minutes thinking instead of worshipping.

I'll bet anyone here geoffie is incapable of doing it. No intellectrual curiosity in his marrow.

Time to start trolling your phone book or pen in the freezer tripe, this one of yours has been busted.

Run along now, start saving up for an actual Hi Fi rig. Did you get one yet?

Can't even tell the Red Hots apart, can ya?

Added: I do understand that your faith may forbid actually investigating what you are told. Wouldn't want any hypothesis testing ruing the "magic."


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