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SACD Multichannel question....

...Hello SACD Multichannel guys!

I did an experiment today. I took several Hybrid SACDs and played the Multichannel (MC) Stereo Mix from the MC layer and then the actual Stereo layer. The Second generation Sony DSD (SACD) decoders offer Stereo MIX output from the MC track.

I keep reading how great and MUCH better the Multichannel is compared to Stereo, but that was not my experience today. The MC MIX sounded much worse than the Stereo. The ambience is almost non-existent, the natural decay is also a lot less. It overall sounds limited and quite artificial. What is going on? I was expecting A LOT more information from the MC layer, but it actually has 2 times less information than the Stereo. It sounds like the MC is heavily compressed and even distorting in a way that reminds me of crossover distortions.

Do you have any suggestions? May be I don't really have a TRUE MC recoring. Would you list some true 5.1 titles so I can experiment? I'd appreciate your help.



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Topic - SACD Multichannel question.... - Alex Peychev 22:54:37 08/13/05 (42)

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