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RE: I don't think you understand the concept as much as you think you do

Thank you for the reasonable response.

My point of view on this topic is that when it comes to ABX'ing audio cables, the only way to make sure you're not introducing other variables into the audio system is to swap the cables, which is tedious and makes it impossible for the listener to utilize short term auditory memory to make the comparison. I can't think of any easy way to allow quick switching without introducing something into the circuit whose effect on the circuit performance is on the order of the cables themselves, if not greater.

Some time ago, I recall reading the comments of Frank van Alstine who insisted his second generation ABX comparator was completely transparent and suitable for cable comparisons because it had no active components or capacitors in the signal path, just a network of relays for switching and attenuators for volume control (he had gotten rid of the cap coupling in the second gen). The box contained a power supply, and digital control and display circuitry, and his single ended circuitry introduced a whole new ground path. It was essentially a digitally controlled passive pre-amp.

The underlying basis of the hypothesis is that differences in the relatively small impedances of audio cables and connectors, possibly combined with differences in shielding, or other construction details, is enough to make them audibly different to certain individuals in certain systems. Regardless of whether or not you believe this hypothesis to be true or false, in order to test it you have to preserve the details under which the hypothesis could be true. That is something that Frank and many other ABX proponents seem to have a mental block about.

In the case of Sanders, it could be that he just didn't think through the details of his proposal. Or it could be that he assumed a-priori that the cable capacitance couldn't matter, and therefore he didn't have to control for it.

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