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Sorry, but I'm not going to waste much more time...

observing more ways you demonstrate a lack of awareness. :)

You should have continued to read in that thread.

I did. Let's review the continuation, shall we?

Mr. Circular Reasoning: "The voltage source will supply exactly the same current to cable A regardless of whether the Y-connector and cable B is attached or not."

Another voice of logic (Satie): "That is not correct, which is what I am saying and which is what I don't understand why you don't see it. "

The speaker-level example is a more real-world scheme

The topic remains around interconnects. Why is that so difficult for you to understand? I'll repeat what I said in the previous post: if you want to talk about speaker level issue, then create a new post. Comprende? Do you understand Engrish?

If the LCR characteristics of those two interconnects are different enough you will hear (and measure) a difference.

No $hit Sherlock! I've asked the question before and I'll ask it again even if you remain incapable of responding another time!

"Do you believe 74, 510 and 626 represent the same value? "

Maybe I need to ask the question again if you missed it.

"Do you believe 74, 510 and 626 represent the same value? "

Do try to wrap your head around this simple notion this time. Is it beyond your scope of awareness? Sheesh!

The reason you won't expect to hear much (if any) difference between two interconnect cables is not because the scheme is flawed..

That is just too funny! The idea behind a cable comparison is to.. well compare different cables (presumably by themselves)! When one forces each to share the combined characteristics of both, there is no longer a comparison - other than A+B vs A+B. What does any (intelligent) person expect? Apparently, present company excepted!

it's because there simply isn't that much difference the interconnect cables could contribute.

Opinion so noted. And contrary to my experience.

I realize the ship has sailed

I wish you the best of luck convincing anyone of your bizarre lack of understanding. :)

Me: Fail
Satie: Fail
Bob R: Fail

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