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RE: I don't use headphones or headphone amplifiers, but...

You should have continued to read in that thread. Long after you ran out of gas/understanding I elaborated on the situation more fully with Satie.
I never said the published Sanders scheme was without some possible pitfalls/variables. (I highlighted them in fact.)
But, if those variables are removed the concept is sound and you will have a valid A/B comparison between two interconnect cables.

The speaker-level example is a more real-world scheme that I thought (incorrectly) you could grasp. Take a simple, two-way speaker crossover and attach two identical full-range drivers to both outputs. The resultant output from the two drivers will be different. That should be obvious since you have a low-pass and high-pass filter driving them.

The two interconnect example is the same thing. You again have a common source coupled via two LCR filters (in this case they're both low-pass filters) to identical loads. If the LCR characteristics of those two interconnects are different enough you will hear (and measure) a difference. The reason you won't expect to hear much (if any) difference between two interconnect cables is not because the scheme is flawed...it's because there simply isn't that much difference the interconnect cables could contribute.

Hopefully you've read this far..... This is very straightforward real-world methodology. There's nothing circular about it.
I realize the ship has sailed, but more attempts at real understanding and less silly knee-jerking audiophilia would do you well.


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