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Of course they are the same

I've measured it. For some reason Mr. Circular Reasoning believes two far-fetched concepts:

1. The DAC, preamp, amplifier somehow "know" that the capacitive load is composed of multiple components and will *exempt* the contribution on the far side of a Y-adapter. Right.

2. For a "valid comparision", one needs a perfect voltage source. Well, if you live in a theoretical world, maybe that works. As for me, I live in the real world of real devices that don't have the knowledge nor care how the load is built and react to the load presented via - one cable, multiple cables attached via adapters, multiple cables with parasitic ones attached via Y-adapters, one with a capacitor attached across leads, etc.

Raise your hand if any, much less all of the components in your system exhibit zero output impedance. Certainly not mine. Not the phono cartridge. Not the DAC. Not the preamp.

I find his theoretical ramblings quite humorous indeed.

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