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RE: Andreas Koch Slams MQA as A Money Grab and a Fraud

>Stereophile, the ultimate MQA cheerleader has lost all credibility in that
>it has not reported how HighResAudio.com of Germany, Jriver, and other
>players in the industry have rejected it, and pointed out it's obvious
>issues. Shameful.

The HiRes Audio news was reported on Stereophile's Facebook page. JRiver
CEO Jim Hillegass is quoted on the Stereophile website as saying "JRiver
has no plans to support MQA. MQA is not a lossless or open format, and it
offers no apparent benefit to consumers, in our opinion."

And as for "ultimate MQA cheerleader," we have published spectral analyses
of original files and MQA-encoded versions and performed listening comparisons
between original files and MQA-encoded versions. The phrase would be better
directed against those who have don neither of those things.

And our overall conclusion, shared by all of the reviewers who have
performed the comparisons, is that while the difference can be small,
the MQA version always sounds better, not worse.

I will read Andreas's criticism, of course. But perhaps it should be noted
that Andreas Koch is heavily invested intellectually in DSD encoding,
which is also a closed format and is completely incompatible with MQA.

>And by the way, if you have any doubts about Mr. Koch, this is what
>Stereophile wrote about him...

If you are going to quote at length for Stereophile, at minimum you should
provide the attribution (writer and issue) and the link to the original.
Not to do so merely reveals you are a dick.

John Atkinson
Editor, Stereophile

Edits: 03/18/17 03/18/17

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