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kuribo and AbeCollins, morricab, Ralph, jackman, GargOyle


The following still applies:

- Cease responding to one anothers' posts
- If you disagree with each other's response to a post, whether a matter of fact or opinion, direct your alternative perspective to the original poster (so long as it was neither of you). When doing so, do not refer to, obliquely or otherwise, or in any way comment in a manner that impugns, the other; The Bored will be the sole judge of whether or not this has happened and will act accordingly
- Failure by any of the parties to adhere to this agreement will result in a ban of the offending party
- Don't use the Asylum Emailer services to communicate with each other.

Fax mentis incendium gloria cultum, et cetera, et cetera...
Memo bis punitor delicatum! It's all there, black and white,
clear as crystal! Blah, blah, and so on and so forth ...

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