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This was the amp that got me back into Hifi

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Excellent and acurate review thanks for bringing it to peoples attention

I remember the ST70 my father had in the basement hooked up to a pr of Bozaks. So a few years ago I wanted to try tubes again and bought a working ST70 for about 325 delivered. It sounded fine but I wanted to upgrade the 40 year old circut and did my research. I found the VTA board from Tubes for Hifi about $135 in kit.

Took me a few hours to put togther and install. This is the same board and design Bob uses (Amp in review). All I can tell you is it became a world class 35 watt amp. I also put in a Mallard rectefier tube (This is a must if you want the best bass welll worth the $70) The bass became nothing short of amazing. Three dimentional sound and stable.

I Use this amp as a back up with my Botllehead foreplay II preamp and empire 698 TT in my second system and depending on the speakers I try this system competes with my 10K PASS labs system on some levels

I highly recomend this mod or Bobs amps, Both guys are excellent to deal with. I'm sure this amp can compete with the likes of Quick silver and any other el34 based amp if not better them...

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