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XO update

I have my one stripped MG2.7/QR that I used to play with XOer values. Well, last night I installed the components I have received (three 3uF RTX caps, .22mH Jensen coil & 20uF Jupiter cap). Initial impressions was less of a shrill sound that I noticed eever since the grills were removed.

Well, I can now say the midrange doesn't sound shrill at all. The wax dielectric in the Jupiter cap & Jensen coil worked. It has a very tube-like sound to it now.

The QR tweeter through the triple 3uF RTX caps is far more extended now than before. It can even reproduce piercing nature of cymbal strikes & brass horns. Meanwhile, as metal sounds more metallic, sibilance doesn't at all. It just sounds clearer.

I look forward to it breaking-in further.
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Topic - XO update - Mart 12:59:51 07/01/04 (14)

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