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Source survey

Here it is ....finally. There are so many options as to how someone has set up their system that it is hard to put down on print here. I've done my best. Alot of respondants didn't rate their player so I did not include this here.
It should be noted that those who had both TT's and CDP's and who commented on the quality of both, preferred thier turntable.
DAC Summary at bottom.

#1 source - CD

-Sony = 5
-DVP-NS315B, Monarchy DAC
-"400 disc", Musical Fidelity DAC
-DVP S-7000

-Arcam = 3
-Alpha 7

-Denon = 3

-Pioneer = 2
-DVL-909, Classe SSP-75 DAC
-DV-37, Bel Canto v1.1 DAC

-Rega = 2
-Planet 2000
-Planet (original)

-Wadia = 2

-Adcom GCD-600 (5 DISC)
-Ah Tube 4000
-Audio Alchemy DDS Pro
-Cambridge D500
-CAL CL-10 (5 disc), EAD Pre-Pro as DAC
-Cary 303
-Jolida JD100
-Marantz CC-47 (5 disc), EVS Millenium DAC
-Mark Levinson 31.5, ML 360S DAC
-NAD S500
-Resolution Audio Opus 21
-Sonographe SD-22
-Rotel, MSB
-Toshiba, Bel Canto DAC
-Vecteur L-4, Audio Note DAC
-Warren, Stan modded Aiwa changer, MSB DAC

#2 source - SACD

-Sony = 8
-C333ES (5 disc)
-C333ES (5 disc)
-"Multi-disc" (assumed C333ES also)
-777ES, Hawk Audio MPIII DAC

-Marantz SA14

#3 source - Turntable

-Teres = 2
-Morch, UP4, Clearaudio Virtuoso
-Teres, RB250, Denon DL103D

-Linn LP12,Ittok, Kontrapunkt
-Michell Gyrodek, SME 309, Lyra Clavis
-Oracle, Graham, Lyra Helikon
-Project Wood Classic, Grado Red
-Nottingham Interspace, VPI arm, Aurum Beta S
-Thorens TD150 MKII, SM, Ortofon

#4 source - DVD-A

-Toshiba SD9200

DAC summary:

-Bel Canto = 2

-Audio Note
-Classe SSP-75
-Dodson 217 MKII
-EAD Pre-Pro DAC section
-EVS Millenium
-Hawk Audio MPIII
-Mark Levinson 360S
-Monarchy 33
-Musical Fidelity A324

Please let me know if I have erred.

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