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Sub survey results

Here are the results.
I double checked the count for a total of 47 responses. I have listed them by manufacturer from the most used to the least and then in alphabetical order. Quantity in () means more than one in a particular system. Please continue down for popularity by model only.


-ULD-15 = 3 (one MKII)
-SPL-1200 = 2
-FSR18BV (2)
-ULD-12 (2)
-ULD-18II (and earthquake sub for center)

>>7-Homemade - Quantity shown in () is number of woofers

-Parts Express 12" titanic = 2
-JBL 2245H
-Morel PP10 pushpull
-Shiva 12" woofers (4)
-NHT 1259 (4)
-Stereo (woofer brand not specified)


-VTF-2 = 2 (one mkII)
-TN1220HO (and a HRSW10V for center)


-2WQ = 3 (2) (yes, 3 systems with 2 2W or 2WQ subs)


-TitanII = 3


-Strata III = 2


-B-240 = 2 (one system with 2, one with one)


-928 bipolar

>>2-No sub wanted

The remainder all qualify with one system entry:

Bag End Infrasub 18
Kinergetics SW800
M&K MX2000 (2)
NHT Sub One
PSB Subsonic 6
VMPS Larger

Also there was one entry from www.linkwitzlab.com that I'm not really sure about. :) This makes 47.

By systems per sub model only with 2 or more:

Vandersteen 2W(Q) = 4 (3 of these have 2 2W or 2WQ subs)
ACI Titan (II) = 3
Velodyne ULD-15 (II) = 3
AudioPro B-240 = 2 (one system has 2 for a total of 3)
Hsu VTF-2 = 2
REL Strata III = 2
Velodyne SPL-1200 = 2

I hope my results are legible enough.
Please let me know if I missed something.

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