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Preamp survey results

Planar Asylum preamp survey – 10.14.2002

Now that responses to the survey have stopped, I have compiled the results. It is interesting that the maker of the most popular amp did not make the most popular pre-amp. But as you'll see, a different set of inmates responded to this survey. (Sorry about the format. The tabs appear to have disappeared)

Some numbers:

61 – responses
53 – different preamps (if you count all of those CJ variants)
11 – pre and amp from the same company

2 – No preamp: e.g. CDP or phono preamp w/ volume ctl. directly into amp
5 – passive preamp (as far as I could tell. See the notes)

Companies represented more than once:
7 - Conrad Johnson
4 - Audible Illusions
3 - Cary
2 - Audio Electronic Supply
2 - Audio Research
2 - Audio Synthesis
2 - Bottlehead
2 - Mark Levinson
2 - Meridian
2 - Music Reference
2 - Pioneer
2 - Sonic Frontiers

_Preamp_ (any preamp notes) >>_into_the Amp(s)_ (2x if I could tell it was monoblocked)
Adcom GFP 750 >>Adcom 5500
AMC CVT1030 >>Antique Sound Lab KMP60FOX
Anthem PRE 2L
Atma-Sphere MP-3 >>(Bi-amp) Atma-Sphere MA-1 MKII & Berning EA-2100
Audcom AP-110 >>Carver TFM-25
3 - Audible Illusions Modulus 3a >>Ayre V3
“ >>Odyssey Stratos
“ >>Odyssey Stratos
Audible Illusions Modulus 3 >>Music Reference RM9
Audio Consultuing Silver Rock
2 - Audio Electronic Supply AE-3 >>VTL ST-85
“ >>?? (amp wasn’t mentioned)
Audio Note M1 Phono
Audio Research LS-5 >>(Bi-amp) Mark Levinson #27 via Bryston 10B XO
Audio Research SP-10 >>Classe DR-9 (2x)
Audio Synthesis Passion Pro (passive)
Audio Synthesis Passion Ultimate (passive)
Audiomat Prelude Reference
BAT VK-3i >>Bryston 4B-ST
2 - Bottlehead Foreplay >>VTL-MB125
“ >>B&K ST2140
2 - Cary SLP-2002 >>Cary CAD-280 SA V12i
“ >>??
Cary SLP-50B >>Bryston 7B-ST
Conrad Johnson PV1
Conrad Johnson PV-9 >>Aragon 4004
Conrad Johnson PV10a >>Hafler DH-200 GXB+ OR McIntosh MC2105
Conrad Johnson PV-10aL >>Conrad Johnson MF2250
Conrad-Johnson PV10B >>Sonic Frontiers Power 2
Conrad-Johnson PV10BL >>Blue Circle BC-22
Conrad-Johnson Premier 17LS >>Conrad-Johnson MF2500
Denon AVR-4800 >>Bryston7B-ST
EAD Standing Ovation >>Krell KAV 1500
FT Audio LW-1 (passive >>Music Reference RM10
Harman Kardon-PT2500
Jeff Rowland Synergy Iii
Kenwood L-07C >>Kenwood L07-M monoblocks
Krell KCT >>Krell FPB 400cx
Linn LK-1 >>Linn LK280 amp
Marantz AV9000
Mark Levinson No. 32 >>Mark Levinson No.333.5 (2x)
Mark Levinson 380S >>Mark Levinson No.336
2 - Meridian 565 pre/proc >>Monarchy SM-100 Deluxe (2x)
“ >>??
2 - Music Reference RM-5 (Mk II) >>Music Reference RM-200
" >>Bryston 4BST (bass)& Audio Research D-52B
Musical Fidelity A3CR
N.E.W. P-3 valve (made by Cary) >>Quicksilver mono 90
Parasound P/HP-850
Pioneer Elite 33
Pioneer SX-780
Placette (passive) >>Music Reference Rm-200
Purest Sound Systems 500 (passive) >>ARC D200
Rogue 99 Magnum >>Innersound esl amp
Rotel RSP-960
SDS Labs SSRP >>Heath W5M (2x) or Heath AA-111 or Acoustat TNT-120
2 - Sonic Frontiers SFL2
Sony 1000ESD
Sunfire Theater Grand II >>Classe TwentyFive (2x)

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