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Still a bargain, at the ultra-high end audio spectrum "expesnsive" is relative

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the 20's have been praised since their inception and has won many awards ie audio product (not just speaker) of the year. Pretty amazing when there are speakers in the well over low 6 figures also on the market.

I auditioned a pair of 20.1's about twenty years ago and was floored. I left the room like Charlton Heston leaving the burning bush in the movie Ten Commandments, much enlightened, gray hair and all.

Immediately in the next room were a pair of $125K Wilson Alexandria's playing (RIP brick and mortar establishments) so I popped in. They also sounded incredible in their own way but they just couldn't match the Maggie magical soundstage and presence. Incredibly the Magnepan MG20.1 were 'only' $14K at the time. I couldn't listen to my MG1.6's for almost a week!

Fast fwd 12-13 years later a pair of the original MG20's (predecessor to the 20.1) came up for sale locally and I grabbed them for a song. I play them daily. Just a great speaker.

As far as 'boutique' binding post, XO's, etc Magnepans have always kept it simple, adding binding post like Cardas would no doubt drive the price up. But once you own them feel free to spruce em' up any way you choose. I keep mine stock although I do use a Marchand XO.

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