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RE: RD75 baffles

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Sorry, have nothing to offer other than to keep the XO's out of the most sensitive hearing range [2kHz-5kHz]. Higher XO points conflicts with the optimal physical proximity limitations. Ideally, you want the mids and tweeters physically located as close as possible which in turn causes structural hurdlers.

I experimented a little with trying to integrate the ribbons, but ended up running my NEO8's full range on the top end without the ribbons.

I took off the tweeter side wood styles and attached a narrow baffles containing the NEO8's in place of the wood styes to get them as close to the ribbons as possible without cutting the original Maggie frames.

I then put the NEO8's in their own separate baffles and are running them that way. I may try pulling the ribbons and attaching them to the sides of the NEO8 baffle like what Magnepan has done but am not at that stage yet.

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