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New Mag's Stand

Some notes about assembly and fine-tuning:

1.Full height back support for your Mag's is not necessary. It will do nothing good unless you think it look good with full height. I will recommend half height of your mag's. Also, don't use more than 4 screws to fasten mag panel in order to avoid bending the panel. Once the panel is bended, the characteristics of unique Mag sound will be altered. Four screws are enough to hold your Mag's steadily.

2.Tighten two bottom screws first. Don't over-tighten them. The holes through the tips of the back supporting legs should be big enough to allow screws move slightly. Doing this is to avoid
bending Mag panel, too.

3.It is very important to use weatherstrip tape between Mag panel and supporting legs. I use ¾" width and ¼" thick weatherstrip tape from Home Depot. The proposes to apply weatherstrip tape are to avoid bending the panel and to add some sonic characteristic. Mag's without back support sound somewhat too soft. Simply adding absolutely rigid back support may make Mag's sound nervous. By applying weatherstrip, your Mag will sound somewhere in between too soft and too tight. This is what I prefer. On a low-resolution system, you may not be able to hear the difference, but you can be sure that you don't bend the panel. After tightening top two screws, you need to check the pressure by holding the tip of back supporting leg and side of Mag panel to see if the tape bounces back. If it does, you don't tighten the screw too much. If it doesn't, you need to lose

4.I fill half of base with sand. Why half? Because I don't want my Mag's sound too lean and too tight. Does half make difference? I don't know. Maybe not.

5.I also cover the inner side of back supporting legs with wool fabric to reduce unwanted reflection. I think it may not be audible, but I am a perfectionist. So, I did it anyway.

6.I got my spikes from partsexpress.com. Those spikes allow you adjust the height in about ¾" range, so you will be able to tilt your Mag's. I use 4 spikes, therefore, I have ¾" to work with on the front and back. To my ear, it is enough to change the height of sound staging. If you need more, you may just place something under the spikes.

Most of people here own 1.6's. This plan is also good for 1.6's. I really enjoy my new stand and think it does improve the sound of my Mag's and they look nice as well. Good luck if you want to built a pair for your mag!

Comments are welcome.

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