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"Audiophile" vinyl to avoid

Posted on March 4, 1999 at 15:09:14

While searching for audiophile vinyl I've come across quite a few that have okay or good sonics, but miserable music (Holt's First Law vindicated). I'd like others to post titles of audiophile vinyl to avoid like the plague; it might help a few of us save some money.

My short list of Kryptonite Klassics:
M&K Realtime "Blu" and "Blu Jam Session", "Flamenco Fever"
Crystal Clear "Direct Disco"
Sheffield--your pick of Lincoln Mayorga and "Don Randi and Quest"
Reference Recordings "Blazing Redheads"; I don't have any Eileen Farrell's
Fulton "Carmina Burana"
Burwen Labs "Perfectly Clear"

Oooo, I just found a sealed Discwasher D2D called "Overholt, Tate, and Phillips" for $0.50. Should I even open it?


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Don't open it, posted on March 4, 1999 at 15:14:30
ken m


In a few years, it's value could double or even triple! :-)



Re: Don't open it, posted on March 4, 1999 at 15:42:21

Wow, with a booming economy, the sky is the limit! God bless Alan Greenspan.


Re:In a few years you could be pushing daisys, posted on March 5, 1999 at 19:15:41


I have some unplayed Japanese Rolling Stones albums with OBI's. Want to make me rich before I croak?


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