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HELP! Can a platter that wobbles cause harm?

Posted on March 16, 1999 at 16:55:29

Ok heres the deal, i bought a music hall mmf turntable. After placing the TT in my listening room, and listening for about 2 weeks, i noticed a wobble of about 2-3 mm. I called my dealer, and he agreed that it was not toally normal, but diddnt say that there was anything really wrong. IN any case he agreed to send it back to music hall. After three weeks of intense waiting, i was notified that mt turntable was "fixed". The invoice stated that parts were tested and replaced (the subplatter and the assembly). I found however that the bearing was not replaced, since it had scratches in exactly the same places as it did before i sent it back to them. In any case it ran straighter (only wobbled 1-2mm). About a month later it wobbles more like 2 now. So i decided to call Roy Hall of music hall, and his explanation was : "its just a visiual thing". He also said that it would do no damge to my records. I also emailed Greg Weaver a very experienced writer for soundstage!, he told me that his review sample did'nt do this, and it could casue beraing wear, stylus wear, and record wear. Is roy hall just saying what he says becuase he doesnt want to foot the bill.
ok, now the main question;
1.will this wear out the main bearing?
2. will it damage my increasingly dear record collection?
3.will it wear out the cartride?
NOw to make matters even more complicated, my dealer offers a upgrade policy, and he is a rega dealer.
heres the policy
If within 2 years, and twice the price of the original purchase, i can get 100% of my original purchase price. not exactly twice, but with all the trouble, i can convince him that its close enough.

should i just upgrade to the planar2?


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Yes get the planar2!, posted on March 16, 1999 at 17:33:53
Scott Woebcke


I listened to this table only once. I know once isnt much but I thought it was a piece of junk, not worth 300$. I'd get the Rega if you can, or if you can shell out the extra clams get the Rega Planar3. I think both the planar 3 and 2 can also use a clamping system. Record clamps are very cool!


it depends, posted on March 16, 1999 at 23:16:38

If the platter's top is straight and level with the
bearing, i.e. only the platters under rim is not
level with the rest, then it is OK; I mean,
more or less acceptable with a cheap turntable.

But if the platter itself is mostly warped, or if
the subplatter or bearing are not 100% level, then
the whole caboodle should be replaced. And since an
MMF is not worth spending repair time on, I'd insist
on a new turntable or a refund.

Now the salient question is: are these problems restricted
to MMFs, or do we find them in the lower-tier Pro-Jects
as well? I'll try to find out.


Re: Yes get the planar2!, posted on March 17, 1999 at 10:29:04

The Rega is, indeed, a better choice than the Music Hall. The clamp on a Rega, however, is questionable. Roy Gandy doesn't like them, and he didn't design the Rega to use one. You don't want to clamp to felt, and you certainly don't want to clamp to glass. I read somewhere that someone makes an acrylic substitute platter for the Rega turntables. This I would clamp to as acrylic is in the similar resonance class to vinyl.


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