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A Rant...please excuse me as an old member...old in so many ways!!!

Posted on May 12, 2022 at 15:11:09

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First, in audio, everything is better today. The technology leaves the '60s and 70's in the dust. I was listening tonight to a re-release and of course re-engineered lp of The Beatles' Rubber Soul. First the sound reproduction is incredible and I hear music, for example in Harrison solos, that I've never heard before, for its detail and clarity. So the recording itself is far better than the original lp.
Second, our playback technology is also far advanced compared to the old days listening through my home built Dynaco. I use old school technology such as vacuum tubes in my Conrad Johnson preamp and amp yet the playback is exquisite because it incorporates extensive knowledge in its design. i have an old school Thorens TD-321 but the cartridge is a Grado wood body Statement that just plain sings. And then speakers are incredible today. My original speakers were Utah's. Today I have floor-standing Soliloquy 6.3's. The net result is that the music is wonderful and that's what matters to me. Sorry for going on and on.



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RE: A Rant...please excuse me as an old member...old in so many ways!!!, posted on May 12, 2022 at 15:38:11

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I think we old farts are allowed a rant now and then!

I'm enjoying a step back in time, as a recent move seems to have damaged a Quad 2905, a Quad 24p phono amp, and a II/forty monoblock!

So I'm listening to the predecessor of that system while repairs are effected, a Quad 34, FM4 tuner, 306 power amp and DCM Time Frame TF-700 speakers. I'm enjoying it so much I'm wondering whether to promote it to permanent status.

But I'm with you with some re-issues. Steve Hoffman's version of Joni Mitchell's Blue is absolutely fantastic.


Rave or Rant?, posted on May 12, 2022 at 17:01:39

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January 28, 2012
Sorry to be picky here but your post seemed anything but a RANT to me. More like a RAVE. HERE's a definition: Rant definition

Angry, emotionally charged, or tediously negative speech or writing

That, at least, is what I always thought it to be.


Well said, sir. nt, posted on May 12, 2022 at 17:37:28

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April 5, 2002


RE: That "Blue", and, better yet, "Warm Your Heart" , posted on May 12, 2022 at 17:43:47
B. Scarpia

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May 23, 2020
Blue has been my #1 system test album since the 80's as well as one of the most listenable sets of songs ever written.

The ORG 45 RPM Warm Your Heart is miles ahead simply to listen to, IMHO the remaster the greatest recording extent.

Having the most up to date realization of the venerable Mullard 5-20 amps, what Allen Wright's circuit does for the simple passive RIAA phono stage, and bringing greater sophistication to the power supply of the JE Labs 76 linestage are far ahead of the gear that opened my eyes to the possible 50 years ago.

There's no virtue in being old,
it just takes a long time


RE: A Rant...please excuse me as an old member...old in so many ways!!!, posted on May 12, 2022 at 21:32:03

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April 3, 2008
Allow me to state my preference without attempting to debate or disagree with your opinion. I've had and heard a lot of gear in my 50+ years of being an active listener/consumer of audio. My present rig(you can see details in my profile info) consists of quite old, mostly restored stuff. McIntosh tube amps and preamps, Thorens, Sony, VPI and AR turntables, AR and Klipsch speakers, brings me more joy, and is the most listenable set up that I've ever had. I've heard a lot of very new gear at friends houses and at audio stores, and I've owned a lot of new stuff too. Some was very good, some not as good. But for me, it all comes down to what makes want to listen. Squeezing every last detail from a record or cd is not a priority. The overall presentation is. I suppose it simply comes down to what's most important to the listener.


Allen Wright, posted on May 13, 2022 at 03:58:43

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I modified my DIY tube phono per his suggestion and have one of his SACD modded players, essential stuff.


Glad you are getting a lot of joy..., posted on May 13, 2022 at 04:55:15

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There is a lot of good sounding vinyl around today--at a price. But everything better today? Your amp, preamp and turntable are all from the '80s. I had a C-J preamp back in the '80s and have missed it ever since. I bet your system sounds great, but "everything better today"? Maybe not. Enjoy.


RE: A Rant...please excuse me as an old member...old in so many ways!!!, posted on May 13, 2022 at 05:00:48

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March 16, 2015
Soliloquys were wonderful speakers. I'm sorry the brand didn't survive.



I respectfully disagree with..., posted on May 13, 2022 at 10:52:14

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every point you stated. Plus "better" is subjective. There may be better specs, but this does not make for better listening. Also the build quality is just not there on most of today's stuff. Yes if one spends 20K on an amp it is, but comparable stuff (adjusted for inflation) the older stuff leaves the new stuff in the dust...


Nope, posted on May 13, 2022 at 10:56:23
Bill Way

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December 14, 2012
"First, in audio, everything is better today."

Lots of old gear competes very well with new gear. BGW and SAE power amps still do full-time service in studios for a reason - they're good. (BGW 100A and 250, and SAE 2200 and P250 are favorites of mine.)

Neumann's classic mics have not been surpassed. There is no substitute for a U47, U67, KM56, or KM84, to name just a few. Many would argue they have not been equalled. Variable Mu and ELOP compressors still reign. The Pultec, designed in the 1950's, is a classic for a reason. I don't know anyone who would claim the Schoeps CM-6 isn't one of the very best mics for piano. The AKG C24 is still about as good as it gets.

Sterling Sound used a pair of internally tri-amped Braun LV1020's for mastering, and maybe still do. They date from the early 70's.

Studer A80, A800, C37, B67 and others remain as good as it gets. Ampex 350 also.

No tuners have surpassed the Marantz 10-B and McIntosh MR-71 for sound quality.

There is a lot of great new gear, and there is a lot of great old gear.


"Put on your high heeled sneakers. Baby, we''re goin'' out tonight.


RE: A Rant...please excuse me as an old member...old in so many ways!!!, posted on May 13, 2022 at 10:59:32

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I have the Soliloquy 5.0i stand mounts which perform really well with my Jolida EL34 based integrated. Solid construction and that North Carolina furniture grade finish, too.


I don't know about gear, but what I do know, posted on May 13, 2022 at 15:31:53

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Recording technology today is not as good as it was before digital. Yeah, to my ears, analog sounds way better.


RE: I don't know about gear, but what I do know, posted on May 14, 2022 at 06:26:59
Analog Scott

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Have you listened to any of the digital Reference Recordings or Cheskys?


"everything is better today. The technology leaves the '60s and 70's in the dust", posted on May 14, 2022 at 06:50:11
Analog Scott

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It is shocking to see how many members actually disagree with this assertion. And's quite predictable.

A lot of audiophiles are living in the past way out of touch with state of the art audio.

And you referenced the 60s and 70s!!!


RE: A Rant...please excuse me as an old member...old in so many ways!!!, posted on May 14, 2022 at 14:07:14

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Off point, but I have to add my $.02. I used to have a pair of Soliloquy 5.0 monitors paired with a Linn receiver in my bedroom system. That rig always sounded rich and full even at low volume, which is more difficult than one might think. I recall that the Soliloquy speakers were designed by Phil Jones.

. . . in theory, practice and theory are the same; in practice, they are different . . .


I very relatable sentiment. Please ,allow me to expand on that at length., posted on May 14, 2022 at 21:39:44
beach cruiser

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Joined: September 24, 2003
I also keep getting a lot of enjoyment out of owning my stuff, specifically a Mitchell gyro,SE, ( Spyder edition.). The design seems so well thought out that I keep wanting to post about how great it is, in tedious detail , lord help us, but never really had a specific reason. I also am goofy about my speakers, but they are rare and unobtainable, so not much use posting about them.

the gyro is designed as a cost constrained design , not as a cheaper version of something better in the line, it is an end in itself, a specific target realization. a heavier platter design is available, although some question this later addition as an upgrade to anything but the technical specifications.

I bought the thing before all the new lp's are cool demand and new stuff hit the market, and always regret that this classic player doesn't draw attention like a new design. To me it seems the best answer to a ( somewhat) cost constrained purchase, , achieving the basic functional requirements for good performance , while still retaining an eye on costs.

I had been following the hobby enough to know my weakest link needed upgrading. The old AR (xb101, 110?) from the eighties had served me unfailingly, particularly exceeding my previous direct drive Kenwood, which played well, everybody dug the sound at parties, but it didn't present a soundstage like the AR.

I wanted more of that quality, and didn't have a well defined budget , just knew I should keep it low. To clarify that, in the world of audiophile turntables, low cost. There were still a scattering of high fi stores at the time around Los Angeles , I live in a suburb , so I decided to go all high fi and try to listen before I bought, since I was spending above mid fi for a change. And those dance parties were now just good memories

I was too late for vinyl, all the audio stores were custom home theatre focused, one store had a line of fine German tables on display, yet none ready to play. I spent some time considering pro-ject stuff at a local seller , which offered value, a quality I never dismiss, but little else to really sell me on a then new company for such a precision device. A product that also required a known to be illusive musical character to be among the best.

I could go on with my struggles to form a buying decision, believe me. And I suppose if you read this far, you do.

happily, the key to my buying decision was watching a slide show on the web presented by some audio club out of Italy, recommended by, I believe, a post here.

it was just all these super high end tables, one after another , posted on the site by the member owners. I got the impression this was a very competitive group, and not for the weak of wallet , everything shown was of the six figure, massively shiny , tie you boat up here , school of turntable design. And then, a Michell gyro popped up.

I figured , according to this presentation, if that modest player could hold its own in that club, I should check it out, so I did. Seeing how well it was regarded (classic) in the home market with a lot of small spaces, pretty much sold me. plus it has a lubrication pumping main bearing, that I see as desirable. Indeed, a very important buying trigger for me was the platter bearing quality. A criteria that sure simplified shopping, because some builders would seemingly rather skip that part of the discussion.

I happily hit my purchase goals with the player. secured a demo at discount from a supporting seller here, with the price point influencing my buying decision , and they included a new set of springs and a belt. I just wanted to be in the ball park, to be able to hear what high fidelity is all about, without spending for the best available. The Gyro is so good, the new clarity of sound has given me insight into the importance of the tone arm, something I never thought about much. Probably because all my previous tables came with the arm included.


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