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First LP I bought in a few months..."L.A.M.F. : The Found '77 Masters"

Posted on September 8, 2021 at 13:43:14
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The Heartbreakers. Johnny Thunders Heartbreakers, not the Petty variety.

The LP was originally released on Track Records in 1977, was notorious for its muddy sound. The group's manager blamed members of the band for sneaking into the studio and remixing the masters over and over, but the cassette version supposedly sounds fine. The actual problem with the original (which isn't as bad as legend has it, I've got a copy) was poor mastering by George Peckham.
The tapes were believed lost when Track went belly up. Demos and outtakes were used to cobble up L.A.M.F.: The Lost '77 Masters by Jungle Records in 1994. I've got that one, too, and while the sound is good, the versions of the songs are inferior to the version that went on the original album.
But as often happens, the masters tapes used for the original album still existed and were discovered in the archives of the late Danny Secunda who worked at Track.
Jungle Records released The Found '77 Masters for this past RSD. One thousand copies pressed in translucent purple vinyl. Regular black vinyl pressings are coming.
This is the definitive version of one of this great rock n roll record. Thunders was never better before or again. The power of the band comes through as it always should have.
About the only flaw was, the worst static electricity I've ever dealt with on an LP. I thought I was going to have to cut it out of the inner sleeve.

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RE: First LP I bought in a few months..."L.A.M.F. : The Found '77 Masters", posted on September 8, 2021 at 14:30:21

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Thanks for the mini-review!


RE: First LP I bought in a few months..."L.A.M.F. : The Found '77 Masters", posted on September 19, 2021 at 19:02:55

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I don't buy many (really almost never) re-issues, but on your recommendation nabbed one of these on discogs last week. Love the songs on this record so it will be cool to hear a "clean" copy.
P.S. I have been re-visiting So Alone this week. Another great Thunders LP.


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