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Blue Circle experiences? Comparisons?

Posted on January 11, 2017 at 18:52:14

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I fear Steve Deckert may exude a similar RDF to that of Steve Jobs back in the day. Due to that my dream phonostage has been a ZP3 ever since he came out with it. I definitely appreciate that he does have something of a zen approach to his gear, it's not just being fuzzy. Buuuut, my friend picked up a Groove+ and we both enjoy the crap out of it, so I realise tubes may not be a necessary ingredient to get where i want to go. This got me thinking. Gilbert at blue circle has done a few different topologies over the years, and my neighbourhood has the noisiest most unreliable mains I've ever lived at, maybe capacitors aren't the devil's work after all.

TLDR: the bc703 reviews remind me of what i loved so much about both the Groove+ and the Andros, and the Li'l703 comes in around the same price TEAD Grooves do on the used market. Is there anyone here who's experienced the above and can help me compare?


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