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Restoring a Leak Point One Preamp

Posted on October 28, 2020 at 15:27:26

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I have had this preamp for decades! Used it all through high school, but has sat idle for a long time. Couple questions to see if anyone can help:
1. Knobs - I took off original knobs to put on more "modern" ones, now I can't get the old ones back on. Shafts are a D shape and knobs press on but seem WAY too tight to push on the shaft. Tried a bit of lube, still no go. Any ideas?
2. I need a schematic. Mine seems unique - lots of [different] Point One schematics out there but none exactly right. Mine has a rumble cut filter switch on front as well as a Stereo-Mono-Rev-L- R switch.
3. The umbilical cord that attaches to the mating Stereo 20 to provide power to the pre may be fine, but sure looks dry and is cracked in a few places. Any way to restore?


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RE: Restoring a Leak Point One Preamp, posted on October 28, 2020 at 19:22:13
Eli Duttman

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Deteriorating cloth insulation on wires can be preserved, some of the time. Consolidate the cloth with clear nail lacquer. Then encase the composite with polyolefin heat shrink tubing. The product is definitely durable, but flexibility can be an issue.

Eli D.


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