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Hifiman He4040I 2020

Posted on June 11, 2021 at 16:09:46

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Hifiman HE4040I 2020 mods. I bought these cans just a few weeks ago but right off I could see that they needed help. I've read a lot of reviews of these phones and for the most part, the reviews are right on. The main things that caught my attention was the high end. It was not sorted out. On the bass end, it was OK, but not a lot of bass.
I started my work but changing headphone amps. After reading many more reviews, this time on headphone amp I choose the Monolith 1333304 Liquid Stark. This came with a power supply that could deliver 1.25 amps. My listening told me that it was not enough to hold it all together. Not enough space and speed. I replaced this supply with one that has 3 amps of current, same voltage. Now, the amp can do. Also, I shortened the dc lead to the amp by 29 inches. Why have all that wire if you don't need it to be that long.
The RCA outputs on my DAC were not being used so they go to the headphone amp. Here I made a new interconnect cable using 4 conductor of 26ga enameled wire. Four for signal and 4 for ground.
Next, a new cable to replace the Neomusicia replacement cable that the reviewers recommended. This cable works well but the high end of the cans say they don't cover this region well. Things seemed covered but other sounds, making it unclear. My new cable is made with 4 conductors as in the RCA cable. My first try at this, I twisted the wires in order to get them through the shrink tubing I used to cover them. It worked but did not take the sound all the way into the clear.
Try two, was the same but not twisted. This made it impossible to get the wires through the tubing. I had to cut the shrink tubing into short lengths, with a little over lap. Now, the cans are doing the top-end as they should, lots of space for everything.
Last, I actually did this change first. Was to buy a new set of ear-pads and cut the curtain out. This is the thin screen over the drivers. With this gone, the music is more open, by a lot. If this were the only thing you do it would still be the best thing you could do.
I know someone is asking why I didn't put this on the headphone asylum? Simple, headphone guys don't seem to tweak. I posted the bit about the amp and power supply, but no interest.
After all this I can listen for hours and love every note, everything is new again. Good Luck, bobwire


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