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Follow up-audiolab m+ DAC

Posted on September 29, 2020 at 17:39:54

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I post before about me disappointment with the Audiolab M dac +. Well, it all started with my needing to replace my Emotiva XDA-2. This had all the mods, like LM op-amps and 4700uf cap at all the op-amp power pins. After the M dac, I found another XDA-2 on ebay. I only added the caps on the op-amps this time since I wanted to hear the opa's again. When I last heard the OPA's I was using a Sony NS9000 as a transport. It worked just OK. My next transport was an Onkyo C7030 player, with a lot of power supply mods for every stage. But, along comes the Audiolab 6000CDT, WOW, this blew me away. Now, when my DAC starting acting up and I bought the one on E-bay and I pluged in the 6000CDT. This was really good. It did not have the detail of the modded DAC but was very listenable. Then the 4700uf caps from the first DAC were moved to the E-bay DAC. That was all, same opa op-amps. Now, my sound is back! I didn't need to change op-amps, just put in the caps. Now I did find a problem in the old DAC, a damaged cap. right where I couldn't see until I took it out. In the new dac I replaced the bad one and it's mate just to keep it even. When I played the new dac, I could hear the new caps sound. Kind of a gray vale. After about two hours of play I asked my wife to sit and listen again to the first song that I played. Wow, was her remark, she heard how the grayness was gone. I'm loving this DAC. Remember, it's an Emotiva XDA-2, good Luck, bobwire


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