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Cost-effective AC delivery system.

Posted on July 10, 2020 at 22:16:12

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I've pondered the notion of a moderate-cost level DIY AC delivery system that audiophile newbies, experienced neophytes, and expert DIYers might appreciate. The 20A Neutrik powerCON AC connector/socket design is popular in the pro audio realm, and I find it's also very useful with no readily apparent downsides for audiophile applications. No real sins of commission, with what can be considered a low-mass, solid contact pressure interface method.

The relatively small, silver plated phosphor bronze contacts but with good surface area makes a dependable, good-sounding AC connector/socket interface, IME. Certainly better than the typically cheap AC outlet/AC plug interface of a typical cheap power strip, IMO. So why not try it for an audiophile power line distributor configuration that puts the cost of the bulk power cable in the front seat, with the cost-cutting emphasized on the connector end of things. A $10 powerCON plug + $20 IEC connector to terminate each $100 per 5 foot length (for example) Oyaide Black Mamba V2 bulk power cord with, and the cost of a high-quality $65 power line distributor including powerCON sockets is all you need, along with some RFI noise suppression capacitors, and your choice of internal AC wiring scheme.

A $10 AC outlet wall plate with Neutrik powerCON sockets can be installed at the wall. One socket for the power line distributor, the other socket for a stereo power amplifier, subwoofer, digital source component, or dedicated AC circuit. The power line distributor is designed for daisy chaining with an additional output socket located on the end of the enclosure (1 input socket/7 output sockets), so more outlets can be added to the AC delivery system, if required.

See link:


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