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ADD POWR Wizard EMF Conditioner

Posted on November 1, 2019 at 04:35:59

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I have not heard this product. I haver a friend in WI who bought the larger unit, the Sorcer. It replace an Akiko Corelli and a High Fidelity Pro Matrix Plus I discussed in an earlier post There are fanboys on Audiogon threads.

I am skeptical of any unit which generates low frequency electromagnetic fields to effect harmonic energy change to audio signals according to some undefined algorithm. My friend says it does radiate into the air as well.

Further the manufacturer ad copy states "a 1 - 5% increase of voltage peaks delivered to the power supplies of system components, which corresponds to a dB or more of energy." If this is true then this is nothing more than an elaborate fixed volume control. Louder is not always better if the trade-off is this unit putting more noise on the line and around the equipment.

My position, as previously referenced on the HF Pro unit, on introducing any kind of magnetism into into an AC line or audio signal is not advisable but I have nothing to confirm this except my own research, experience and prejudice.

I personally do not like anything radiating into the air around my system.


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