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Requesting Help for Set Up (Non Pro)

Posted on January 8, 2017 at 18:59:19

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Hello Everybody!
I just joined and a newbie in audio equipment. I am requesting help to set up my audio equipment. Here's my system :

1- Crown XTi2002 power amp (1) - to drive in stereo mode a set of speakers (Wharfedale EVP X215)
2- Cerwin Vega CV2800 power amp (1) - to drive in bridge mode one custom sub
3- Wharfedale EVPX 215 Speakers (1 pair) - 700watts RMS/channel at 4ohms, Freq: 40Hz - 20kHz
4- Custom Sub - 1200 watts RMS at 8ohms, Freq: 35-1500 Hz
5- DBx Driverack PA+
6- DBx 231s Equalizer

I have successfully wired all of above equipment but since I have no idea on the values I need to choose for cross over, compressor limiter, BW/LR types, etc., I need a step by step guide on how to set up properly my system. Here are some more information that I am requesting some clarifications and guidance :

1- I have no RTA mic and when I set up the driverack, I was only up to loading the new preset and not able to balance the sytem with pink noise, RTA mic, etc. How do I do this without RTA mic? FYI, both my tops and sub are not in the preset of driverack? Do I need to bother setting these up?

2- Since I have 231s equalizer, should I just leave "flat" the EQ's of Driverack and Crown amp?

3- I don't have any idea on BW or LR settings and I don't know what level of gains should I input in cross over feature setting of driverack.

4- Also don't have any idea on how to set the compressor and limiter features of the driverack.

5- I was told to hook up only to High and Low from driverack. How can I use the mid? Should I buy an additional amp and pair of speakers to do this? If so, what will be the recommended speaker assuming I will just get another XTi2002? I mean the power and frequency range. Or, is there any work around to have this feature with my current equipment's?

6- How do I optimize the powers of my system without clipping or blowing any speakers or amps? I mean from input (mixer) to output which I believe should have relationship on how to use the compressor and limiter functions of driverack.

7- I wish to have different setting for Outdoor and Indoor use. For Outdoor, I will use my custom sub which I prefer to be at Bridge Mode and driven by Cerwin Vega amp. For Indoor, for now, I plan not to use any Sub but just the 2 Wharfedale speakers.

Sorry for these very basic questions to most of you here and please bear with me this time for my ignorance. Hope somebody can help me provide a detailed set up procedures designed for beginners.

Thanks for your help.


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RE: Requesting Help for Set Up (Non Pro), posted on January 9, 2017 at 00:33:10

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Welcome to Audio Asylum, Reysan!

You might find General Asylum to be a better forum to post your particular topic.

Cheers, Duster

See link:


RE: Requesting Help for Set Up (Non Pro), posted on January 9, 2017 at 00:46:42

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Noted with thanks. I will post the same in General Asylum.


RE: Requesting Help for Set Up (Non Pro), posted on January 10, 2017 at 12:20:57

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October 31, 2005
Not to rain on your parade but the questions you asked could take hours to answer. I guarantee nobody has set up that exact gear here and the sub is custom built. Also nobody knows your room. You need basic guidelines and then do some lower volume listening to make adjustments before playing loud. Do you know what compressors and limiters do? I would leave all the tone controls ( eqs are tone controls ) flat until you get everything else good. Good luck.


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