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Sirius antennae pointing

Posted on August 29, 2009 at 05:38:45

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I have been contemplating purchasing a Sirius system for home and auto. I was just going to purchase it and I noticed that possibly I can not use the supplied indoor antennae.

I believe in my area, I must have the antennae outside and pointed directly up. I am in Winnipeg, Canada. It is supposedly the same for anyone in North Dakota or Minnesota. Are there any posters from these areas that are using Sirius indoors? Are you able to use the indoor antennae or do you have to use the outdoor antennae?

I am sure I could use the XM system indoors, but they have not really integrated the system in Canada as they have in the CONUSA. I prefer the programming on Sirius. I also like the idea of the Sirius tuner using a digital out to my DAC rather than using RCA's/ their own DAC into my system.

Any assistance is appreciated.



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RE: Sirius antennae pointing, posted on January 26, 2017 at 10:05:22

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The satellites travel north along the Manitoba/Saskatchewan border into (barely) NWT, across to the west, then down the Saskatchewan/Alberta border towards the US. There are multiple satellites that follow this pattern, so chances are you should be able to "see" the Manitoba/Saskatchewan one on the northerly leg most of the time.

So your antenna needs to "see" slightly to the West of your location, but mostly straight up.

However you can be off by quite a large angle from pointing directly at the satellite. For example I had my antenna along the 4/12 pitch of a roof just above the gutters, and on the north side of the building and very close to the northernmost arc (we're talking north of the 58th parallel) and never once experienced dropouts.

So maybe you are worrying too much about it. Do the best you can and see how that works for you. Winnipeg might also have repeaters within or near the city, which significantly reduces problems. I think you will be fine if you can just get it outdoors and not upside down.


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