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sophia princess 206 tube

Posted on April 20, 2021 at 10:05:17
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Sophia Princess 206 Tube

I have always been a lover of the delicacy of 45 tubes, the sweetness of 2A3, velvety smooth 300b sound. I've heard that Sophia Electric came up with a unique exponential product they developed and called Sophia princess 206! I checked it out immediately. It has been a long long time that none of the tube designers or manufacturers introduce anything as exciting as this! Sophia Electric was claiming this outstanding 206 princess has everything of 45, 2a3, 300b, and the dynamism of 845 tubes! Wow! This was enough excitement for me at the age of late sixties. I had to make sure not to get over-excited for the sake of my blood pressure. After I checked it out with my amplifier manufacturer (Tektron) and got green light given by Attilio of Tektron, I had to order this very appetite wetting unique product. As they say patience creates miracles! Thanks to Sophia's excellent service, within a few days a pair of Sophia princess 206 tubes arrived. Oh no can't wait! Princess 206 tubes were biased based on the specification. Here we go! Princess 206 on the move! How does it sound? in the first few hours Sophia princess 206 definitely showed its personality but after 60 hours, the tonality, openness height and width of the instruments, especially human voice are almost close to the live music. My system is rather simple: mainly CD based system trustworthy Audiomeca memhisto CDP, Aurender Network player, 6j5 preamp 2a3/50M amplifiers by Tektron Italy and Maxonic speakers. I'm a great believer in room acoustics as well as well-tuned equipment regardless of cables or other essential tools but Sophia princess 206 brought real energy and dimension. Now I can have any musician in my room whenever I'd like to listen music. Sophia princess 206 is really what Sophia Electric claims on the website, it has all the qualities of the above-mentioned tubes but with absolutely amazing dynamism of 845. Yes, it is virtually a mini 845. Thank you Sophia Electric! Thank you for the outstanding product. Surely I'm going to share my excitement with my friends and other music lovers.

sam yeli


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RE: sophia princess 206 tube, posted on April 22, 2021 at 08:24:42

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I'm curious why they charge $75 for a one year insurance policy for warranty on the tube. My EML 300BXLS and EML 2A3 mesh plates come with five year warranties with no cost for insurance.


RE: sophia princess 206 tube, posted on April 22, 2021 at 08:50:12
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Location: Lancashire
Joined: July 30, 2020
Certainly I appreciate your question ,I honestly do not know the reasons behind ! but Sophia's after sales service really outstanding they dealt with some issues really very professionally despite being other side of the pool but princess 206 most fascinating Tube I have ever listened for a long long time it has almost everything above mentioned Tubes but it has got a sucker punch than any 300B I ever heard as well as micro details and velvety touch of300B That includes WE300B I'am honestly
loving at the minute.
sam yeli


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