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OK, Sports Fans

Posted on May 23, 2022 at 23:33:34

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I'm studying to take my Ham Radio Technician exam. This is the 'entry' level test of 35 questions.
Next level 'up' is the General. Today, just for grins I took the general 'practice' test.
I scored a 26 of 35 which had it been 'for real' would have been a passing score.

But ONE question? Kind of made me smile and I knew where to go.
Here's the question.

What is the primary purpose of a screen grid in a vacuum tube?
A. To reduce grid-to-plate capacitance
B. To increase efficiency
C. To increase the control grid resistance
D. To increase the plate resistance.....

I got it right purely on guess......

In my practice tests / studying for my Technician, I'm comfortably at 30 or more correct of 35 which is well above passing......
Too much is never enough


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Answer A, posted on May 24, 2022 at 00:55:55

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In order to reduce the Miller capacitance.

Omnes feriunt, ultima necat.


RE: OK, Sports Fans, posted on May 24, 2022 at 10:26:11

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I was licensed for about 50 years. Started with a Novice ticket in '66 (WN3GKO), skipped the Technician in favor of the General, then passed the Extra many years later. My primary interests were always DIY and code. The hobby changed a lot through the years, and I eventually lost interest and let the license lapse. Still have some of the gear, including an old Gonset KW amplifier, standalone Morse keyboard, tube-type Johnson TR switch (6BL7), and a few other goodies. Good luck with the test!


RE: OK, Sports Fans, posted on May 24, 2022 at 14:21:53

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Thanks for a little bit of 'history' and your good offices.

Yes, Ham Radio is now down to Three classes and I don't think Code is a requirement of even the Top of the line 'EXTRA' class.

Lots of new stuff involving satellies, repeaters, TV and cocmputers and 'digital' in general.
I suspect if I knew the ropes, I could communicate with a friend 1000 miles away though a 5 watt handheld might only be good for 20 miles......I'd link to a repeater, then internet and reverse at the OTHER END....Something like that.

Me? I've already built a pair of 1/2wave ground plane using the SO-239 bulkhead connector.
Need an SWR meter and some interconnects. Depends on which antenna out my proposed HT uses......

I took the practice test for General last nite and got a passing score.
When YOU started, I think Novice required 5wpm code? Neighbor when I was a kid was K9WQY and had a monster antenna in his back yard.....
Too much is never enough


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