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Oscilloscope testing a halogen transformer???

Posted on January 4, 2017 at 07:47:05

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OK got a new digital dual channel scope for testing phases in motor controllers for turntables. I am really a newbie in this scope stuff. So I am reading various acticles and the warning of hooking across something and not referenced to ground and the fire, smoke and god only knows what else, got me paranoid.

So if I got this right if say you go to a high power source like say a wall socket thinking you are going to use this like DVM the high voltage/current is going find a ground some where in the scope where it shouldn't and all hell can break loose?

So now the halogen question. I am asumming we are running these floating. Now if the full circuit is in place with a dht I guess you could pick up a ground at the cathode? With a idht you do not have that option.

Also I wanted to test these 60 watt hatch units I got,on the bench, to see what wave looked liked. The fluke 87 with a .6 ohm resistor came in around 10.2 volts at 35k. Is there a way to test these in floating arrangement with out damaging the scope?

Thanks Tom

PS These are nice sealed units but will require a lot of work to get inside. (Aluminum case)


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Ratings..., posted on January 4, 2017 at 11:12:38

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Before testing anything, determine the ratings/limits of your new oscope and it's probes.



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