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RCA MI-9462 'Ubangi'

Posted on July 30, 2023 at 06:35:33

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I recently acquired a full RCA MI-9462 Ubangi system that includes (4) 9462 cabinets, (2) of the top horns, and (1) Altec Lansing H-1505 with low serial number 288 drivers. Initial findings are that these all function. The 9462 is loaded with 9449 speakers, one top has a pair of 9584 drivers while the other has a 9584 and a 9448.

Wondered if there is any interest in these out there... Anybody care to discuss?


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RE: RCA MI-9462 'Ubangi', posted on July 30, 2023 at 10:39:50

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I have seen that horn before but don't know much about them.
In the Chicago area where i grew up it was mostly Altec theater stuff that was used in the early PA systems at places like the Aragon. Home made cabinets were pretty common too, i made a couple batches of sorta-Altec horns in the 70's for a local PA company that i used to see occasionally.
What are you going to do with those?

IF you have the space in inclination, keep a pair of cabinets and horns and sell off the drivers.
Then take a look at re-fitting the cabinets with the right modern drivers. That will take some measurements and calculations but one can make something they only could have dreamed of when they were making the drivers.
In the 90's I re-fitted an Altec A-7 with a modern woofer, a JBL2226 and re-tuned the cabinet and used a BMS4550 for HF and and with a new passive crossover. I ended with a flat alignment that was flatter and an octave wider at each end and same average sensitivity. This became a different speaker lacking nothing and as an old co-worker Greg B used to say "headroom for days"..
Doing this with an active crossover / speaker controller is much easier than a passive crossover fwiw.
On axis, with modern DSP and drivers, you could make something startling.

Back then (even into the 70's) those drivers never had power compression....AND the reason is the best VC glues back then melted around 150C or less and the wire fell off the former and show's over.

Tube amps were sort of a "soft limiter" to keep the glue on. Modern car stereo type voice coils have glues that survive 350C (around 230C the VC resistance has doubled).
Now one has the power of computers and modeling a real horn vs a theoretical one and drivers that are much more powerful and wider in variety now.

Like i said, if you have the space to set up a pair, try it.
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Tom Danley

Here's one that actually is too big to bring inside assembled.


RE: RCA MI-9462 'Ubangi', posted on August 15, 2023 at 20:27:12
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Would like to speak with you about the cabinets. Thanks bob.


RE: RCA MI-9462 'Ubangi', posted on September 13, 2023 at 05:48:04

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If one had a vintage cabinet like this I'm wondering just how much information one could obtain from a measuring stick. Mouth area, rear chamber volume, axial horn depth, the throat in the Ubangie starts larger then constricts... just how can you determine a number. I'm assuming you'd then crunch the numbers into the Horn Response program? What am I missing here?


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