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Pmc 23 speaker review

Posted on March 6, 2017 at 15:10:56
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Managed to purchase this model at good discount now the 25 series is out.
Bitching first then review to follow.Warranty of 20 years reduces to 1 year if product is not registered within 30 days.Also warranty is not transferable.Seems excessively mean on Pmcs side.Not sure if its even legal in Australia where warranty is usually tied to receipt/proof of purchase.Again I must mention Pmc has joined a host of other speaker manufacturers listing specs that are frankly fanciful.Sensitivity,impedance and freq response all appear to be way off.

Nonetheless Pmc have crafted a fine speaker using modest drivers.Rarely have I heard a speaker that separates bass instruments so clearly and without any boom.I found that in my room you can put this speaker almost anywhere and bass simply refuses to bloat.The treble is not bright.Treble performance I would rate as good but I have heard better.

Reading others reviews online indicated massive solid state power is required to get the transmission line going.For a lark I hooked up my Line Magnetic 5181a valve integrated to these speakers.I was amazed to hear this amp really grabbing hold of this speaker and producing stellar dynamics and tight tuneful bass.The volume control never exceeded 11 o clock and even at 10 o clock a room filling sound with good volume was achieved.There is a synergy between this speaker and amp that is very satisfying and I urge pmc owners to try this amp with their speakers.Solid state is not necessary after all.

I just wish I had more dvd audio titles to listen to on this lovely speaker.I havent heard any digital source thats bettered dvd audio.Some legacy dvd audio titles are around at ever increasing prices.I might try aix records who are producing new dvd audio recordings to a high standard.


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RE: Pmc 23 speaker review, posted on March 7, 2017 at 09:28:21

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Not sure where that "massive solid state power is required to get the transmission line going" from other reviews comes from.

I like T/Ls partially because they work even at low input levels.
Unlike ported speakers or ones with passive radiators which need a certain minimum power before they work.


RE: Pmc 23 speaker review, posted on March 8, 2017 at 04:37:22
Trouser Trout

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Glad they're working out well for you. I was a big fan of the "I" series. PMC keeps raising prices and distribution in the U.S. is almost zero since Bryston dropped them.

Agree on the warranty stipulations. They tried to emulate Bryston, however, Bryston does not make you jump through hoops to activate it.


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