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Mad speaker pt.2 Thank You

Posted on March 6, 2017 at 07:44:56
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Location: NC
Joined: March 4, 2017
Thanks to all who replied. You have given several starting points. My system is anchored by my 17-20 year old Cary v-12 amp. I love this amp. i have been using a cary slp-308 pre and a sonos connect through a peachtree idac. Speakers i have used in various systems, including this one, are Monitor audio gr20 (suprisingly good using them in a SET system now), really early omegas with 8" driver, Wilson sophia 2(surprisingly low bass output very revealing top end) and the church horns(i should post a pic. they are really ugly in a very manly way). Music taste runs from Nora Jones to Alice in Chains. I seem to like songs more than artists. I even like "a" Madonna song. All this to clarify some points brought up in some responses and to again say thanks. I do have a rel sub i can try with the horns. this system is in my shop,25'x 50'.


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