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Trenner and Friedl ?

Posted on December 28, 2016 at 12:58:00
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Hello all-

I was intrigued to read Stereophile's (rave) review of the Trenner and Friedl Sun. I've been on the lookout for a small speaker for a 9' by 11' foot listening room (where listening is mostly slightly off axis). I've been thinking a coaxial design would probably be good for such a scenario and the fact that the Suns are easy to place is also appealing. Does anyone have experience with the Suns? If so, I would be curious about what amplification you are using, how much room you have around them, and how they sound at low volumes? I'm also curious more generally if my assumption that coaxial speakers create a wide sweet spot is generally correct?

Thanks for any advice!


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RE: Trenner and Friedl ?, posted on December 28, 2016 at 21:56:36
Mick Wolfe

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September 4, 2000
In that small of a room, an "omni" type design may work even better. The Ohm Micro Tall would be well worth an audition IMHO.


I'm also interested in Trenner & Friedl, posted on December 29, 2016 at 17:26:36

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In my case, I'm primarily interested in the Art, possibly the Osiris, or the (discontinued) Dizzy if I ever saw one used.

Based on what Marc Phillips (The Vinyl Anachronist) wrote about the Art in a 11x11' room, I think you might be able to consider the Art in addition to the Sun.

Unfortunately, I haven't heard any of their speakers (yet). I emailed Profundo earlier in the month about where I could hear the Art, and never received a reply. I didn't know about the Stereophile review until I saw your post, so perhaps he was busy fielding other inquiries after the review, or busy with the holidays. I'll try again next week, and hopefully I'll get a reply. Otherwise I have no patience for importers who won't post a dealer list on their web site and then don't respond promptly to customer inquiries.

Another small room speaker that caught my attention around the same time is the Boenicke W5. You might look into that speaker as well. From what I've been reading it has a more contoured response than the T&F Sun, with a mid-bass hump to make it sound big and a treble rise to make it sound detailed, but with a weaker midrange. It supposedly throws a killer soundstage though.

Inmate R Browne is the one who let me know about Trenner & Friedl. Before his reply to one of my posts a year ago, I had not heard of them at all. At the time I wasn't in the market for speakers, but a few months ago I started looking around again and remembered his post. Since then I've read everything I could find including slogging through some reviews in German (which I haven't read fluently since high school but I can still do better than Google translate). I also found a review with some fairly encouraging frequency response and distortion measurements of the Art, and another with frequency response measurements of the Pharaoh which looked pretty even for a wide baffle, high efficiency design. Finding those measurements meant a lot to me because when I read about Trenner & Friedl's design philosophy I was kind of skeptical.


Plug for a Trenner and Friedl dealer, posted on December 31, 2016 at 09:47:43
M3 lover

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I've known Dan at Blackbird Audio for many years and always found him knowledgable and very straight forward. However he is in So. Cal. so not sure if that might be a consideration in dealing with him?

I do expect he will have good answers regarding model for room size and amplification. But it would not be fair to take up his time then buy elsewhere, not that you would necessarily do that.

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RE: Plug for a Trenner and Friedl dealer, posted on January 1, 2017 at 10:59:16
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Very helpful! Thanks all!


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