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Lost PayPal SNAD chargeback, buyer kept tube amp AND money, recourse?

Posted on February 23, 2017 at 19:14:13
Funky Bob

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I sold a tube amp for $700 on eBay. Buyer had a case of buyer's remorse and wanted to return with SNAD as an excuse (no return policy). I won the eBay SNAD case but lost the subsequent PP CC chargeback. The buyer's bank let him keep the amp AND the money. What recourse do I have in getting the amp back or recover the cost of it? I have sent the buyer a couple of emails but no response so far. He's in a different state so I can't sue him for small claims unless I want to travel to his state and file the claim locally. Thanks!


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RE: Lost PayPal SNAD chargeback, buyer kept tube amp AND money, recourse?, posted on February 24, 2017 at 10:50:46

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Check the latest Paypal policy. I seem to remember reading that the buyer is limited to one recourse (Ebay, Paypal or chargeback), and that there may be some recourse via Paypal in the event of failure at Ebay money back guarantee then use of chargeback.


RE: That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles, posted on February 25, 2017 at 12:53:10

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That's just one of the risks you take by selling on Ebay. You are most likely SOL.

Selling there gives you much bigger exposure and (usually) a far higher selling price than you can dream of on any other venue (including right here on AA).

But with those perks comes risk. You are basically at the mercy of the ethics of said buyer and if he decides to pull that, your odds of successfully fighting it are pretty low. Not impossible. But definitely a very steep uphill battle. Ebay is all about making sure the BUYERS are happy, not the sellers. They have the sellers by the short hairs and they know it. Many, many people are desperate and/or greedy enough to acquiesce to pretty much any terms of service Ebay can conjure up, regardless of how fair, ethical, or even legal because of the size of their audience and the potential selling price.

Think playing slot machines. You can pay the penny slots (selling anywhere but Ebay). Your exposure and risk level is low but so is the maximum reward potential. Or you can play the $5 slots. The potential windfall is exponentially higher but then so is the amount of risk you have to take.

You can't have it both ways. If you want a large audience, a high selling price, and both in seven days or less, you're just going to have to accept the occasional haircut.

Don't like that? Then stay off Ebay and list your items on the small community sites. The playing field is much more level and you can generally set your own terms. But at the same time, the most you can ever hope to make is maybe one fifth what it would go for on Ebay. And it may be weeks or months before any buyers come along.


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