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Watch Out for This Guy:

Posted on June 30, 2015 at 15:01:53

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Last week I posted a WTB ad here on AA for a Rogue Ares phono pre.

Yesterday I got an Email asking if I was still interested in finding one, I said yes.
He sent pics of an Ares in the box with packing and pics of the front and back of the preamp.
The description mentioned 'original owner with all the factory packaging including 'REMOTE CONTROL'..!!

Anyway, after a few Emails asking the usual questions and then agreeing on a price, I told him I`ll be paying with PayPal but before we went any further to please send me a picture of the Ares with 'TODAY`S DATE' and the word 'TEXAS' (where he said he is) written on a piece of paper or card sitting on top of the Ares itself.
No word back yet.
If you Google: you`ll see where he tried a scam on another site a couple days ago.


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