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Question for the group ...

Posted on June 6, 2010 at 09:30:31

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Has anyone dealt with Reference Audio Mods recently? The reason I ask is that well over a year ago I bought a Bel Canto DAC 2 on Audiogon. I checked it out in my system for several days to see if it worked and it did. Quite nicely, in fact. However, I wanted to send to Reference Audio Mods to get it improved according to their advertised mod package. So I contacted Kyle to let him know the DAC was coming his way and also purchased the mod package from the web site. Anyway let's cut to the chase. A year later he had managed to not be able to mod the DAC (for whatever reason and there were several over the course of the year), he could not put it back together so it worked properly (he had some how managed to introduce a glitch in the DAC, which he then attributed to a defective product) and he promised to make good on the money sent to him by me by providing an equivalent replacement. Needless to say this last part went on for several months until I finally asked that he return the DAC and the money for the upgrade or send the replacement DAC. Since I am writing this here, you can guess the outcome. I still don't have the DAC or refund for the failed mod, nor has he provided the replacement DAC as promised. So I ask again: Has anyone else had a poor experience with Kyle at Reference Audio Mods? He had modded a CD/SACD player in the past for me with very good results. But this last transaction was just a disaster from the get go. Thanks.


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RE: Question for the group ..., posted on April 9, 2012 at 14:18:21

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Yes I had problems with him too, albeit tiny.
I ordered some wire from him and five weeks later, nothing.

I payed with paypal, I guess he knows they will freeze his accounts, I got a refund from him.

I seem to remember reading elsewhere people having problems with Reference Audio Mods.

Just google...

In fact heres one>


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