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The Beatles

Posted on January 14, 2023 at 14:17:50

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Why cant we buy remastered versions of the USA releases. I got excited at Giles Martin release of "Revolver" until its track list was not the lp, cd I grew up with. I have a mass of RollingStones cds,both in US and Uk formats. Last year I wanted to get Beatles IV.It was what I was playing when tornado's ripped thru town when I was a kid, doesnt exist. I would like to have both US and Uk releases.


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RE: Beatles Capitol CDs, posted on January 20, 2023 at 09:53:40

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Aclearspot, Capitol/EMI released Capitol's American Beatles albums on cd during the mid-aughts. Believe first releases were Dave Dexter's re-mixes. Afterwards, they were EMI/Parlophone mixes in Capitol packaging. Got "Rubber Soul", which has both mono-n-stereo mixes. First 12 tracks are mono. And, just like Capitol's original T 2442 mono version, "I'm Looking Through You" doesn't have Paul's false guitar start. Whereas stereo mix does. BTW, protective cd sleeve is an exact reproduction of original "Rubber Soul" album sleeve, so you get a listing of then-concurrent Capitol albums. ... 73s para Sactown


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